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They Made Group Requirements For The Woman Who Married Her Brother From The Neighborhood


The young boy, who lives in a crowded and concreted neighborhood, goes to the subjects, having fun and taking a break, as the right hand of the fastest brother of the neighborhood. The boy, who does everything the neighborhood brother says in order not to cast a shadow on the discourses of those who think that he is stoned thanks to his huge creature, is happy to choose himself as a groomsman because he is the closest one to decide to marry a very sexy woman. The young man, who realizes that something is wrong or crooked when he meets the woman to whom the neighborhood brother will marry, does not take long to realize that the woman whom he calls a sister is actually a sex-mad woman and someone is a fantasy. As a matter of fact, the sister-in-law, who calls himself when she comes home to get married after the wedding before going to honeymoon, receives consultancy from the neighborhood brother by saying that she wants him to fuck her next to her husband and squeezes her aunt to her true intent.

Date: April 26, 2020

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