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The First Day He Employed Emptied On The Boss’s Wife’s Nipples


Having a very rich husband, the woman wants to earn her own money by publishing a magazine about fashion, which is always the best after spending time like a slave sitting in her house for years. Since the company does not know about the opening business, her husband opens a company on his behalf and puts his willing wife at the head of the company, leaving everything to his knowledge. The manager with sexy glasses, who is also interested in recruitment because she is the boss of the magazine, is sure that she will realize her fantasy of having secret sex from her always dreamy husband. When a new editor advertises to the boss who will receive it, after paying attention to the young age range, he chooses a type that can be the most handsome and subjugated among them.

While drawing a plan to force the new employee to the difficult position and force him to the things he does not want, he tells the boss that he will come to work earlier on the first day and tells him that he is late for work, warns that he will not come again and calls at his room at the next day and gets angry to the element he said to be late. Looking at the handsome guy who is sadly tied to him, with his legs open, ”- you do not understand the working hours when I get out of my mouth, and listen, I can understand better. “He crawls on the floor and brings it to his pussy, and after lying down, he lays him on the table, takes his dick between his nipples, puts his erect creature into his pussy, empties it into his breasts and realizes his fantasies. The newly recruited employee could not recover for half an hour with the relief of ejaculation to the breasts of the sexy woman he knew was the wife of the boss and the astonishment of this situation.

Date: April 26, 2020
Actors: Lana Rhoades

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